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Gold Star Families Day

What is a Gold Star Family? That somber title -- a recognition that no one wants to have to receive -- is reserved for families of military members who have died in the line of duty. It is meant to honor the service member’s ultimate sacrifice while acknowledging his or her family’s loss, grief and continued healing.

The Frisco Legion 178 family is named in honor of Cpl. Peter John Courcy, KIA 2009 in Afghanistan. (pictured right, above) Our ALA Unit and Legion Post are continuously looking for ways to remember and honor Cpl. Courcy, and his selfless service to our country.

Today, we send our love and thoughts to his family, especially our own Mary Courcy Bush, a Gold Star Mother and member of ALA Unit 178.

In addition to Cpl. Courcy's family, there is another Gold Star Family in our Unit. Please take a moment to read about, and honor, Lieutenant Commander Jim Bob Segars (pictured left, above), a RIO who was killed when his F-14 crashed during a training exercise, and whose last act of bravery and service was to make sure his pilot ejected safely.

We are proud to have LCDR Segars' wife Donna and daughter Laura Woodard in our ALA Unit 178, and are grateful to them both for the opportunity to share the story of their beloved husband and dad.

About her dad, Laura said:

"I will always remember the passion he had for life and his love for family, friends, and country."

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