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These are only some of the Auxiliaries programs that our unit works on.

well as principles of government. Under this Constitution’s principles, the Legion and Auxiliary have worked, and are continuing to work, to defeat the attempts of subversive organizations to undermine our system, to build loyalty to and confidence in American ideals, and to develop an American citizenship capable of making America’s free form of government a constantly greater success.

Image by Angiola Harry

Cancer Research

For almost 50 years the ALA Department of Texas has partnered with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UT Health Graduate School of BioMedical Sciences to present more than 135 Fellowship grants valued at almost $1.6 million to high-achieving doctoral students.  This Texas unique

program began even before that with an idea and vision after WWII to build a state-of-the-art cancer research hospital in Houston.  With the help of amazing women like Myra Hester and Frances Goff, the idea of furnishing a nursing care unit has grown into an extremely successful fellowship program at MD Anderson the top ranked cancer care and research hospital.   Members of the American Legion Family raise thousands of dollars each year to support  this amazing partnership to fight against one of the most challenging medical conditions of our time.


Children & Youth

Children are our future. Long after we have left this world, our legacy and teachings will live on through todays children, their children and future generations to come.   It is for this reason we are called upon to teach and guide, to recognize and reward as well as develop and grow ALL children.  In doing this we will be strengthening our community, state and nation while fulfilling the vision and mission of our great organization.


Community Service

In the spirit of “Service not Self” lies our commitment to Community Service. Being involved in this program helps to not only strengthen the communities we live in, but embodies the values and purpose of the American Legion Auxiliary.  Community Service truly shows who we are and what we do to those who might 

not otherwise know us.  Whether it is organizing a blood drive, mentoring in schools, cleaning up a park or preparing care packages for local troops our service shows our compassion and support of all citizens.

Image by Tamara Gak


Education is important to the future of our country.  The Education Program promotes the American Legion Auxiliary’s role in providing quality education for children and adults through classroom activities, literacy programs, scholarship promotion and support of education beyond high school, especially for military children.



“From the battlefields of World War I, weary soldiers brought home the memory of a barren landscape transformed by wild poppies, red as the blood that had soaked the soil. By that miracle of nature, the spirit of their lost comrades lived on. The poppy became a symbol of the sacrifice of lives in war and represented the hope that

none had died in vain. The American Legion Auxiliary poppy has continued to bloom for the casualties of four wars, its petals of paper bound together for veterans by veterans, reminding America each year that the men and women who have served and died for their country deserve to be remembered. The poppy, as a memorial flower to the war dead, can be traced to a single individual, Moina Michael. She was so moved by Lt. Col. McCrae’s poem, “In Flanders Fields,” that she wrote a response:

. . . the blood of heroes never dies
But lends a luster to the red
Of the flower that blooms above the dead
In Flanders’ Fields.

On impulse, she bought a bouquet of poppies – all that New York City’s Wanamaker’s Department Store had – and handed them to businessmen meeting at the New York YMCA where she worked. She asked them to wear the poppy as a tribute to the fallen. That was November 1918. World War I was over, but America’s sons would rest forever “in Flanders’ Fields.” Later she would spearhead a campaign that would result in the adoption of the poppy as the national symbol of sacrifice.” (From the National Website)


Girls State

The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary began an effort over five decades ago to devise a means to educate our youth in the duties, privileges and responsibilities of American citizenship; give future citizens, in a realistic manner, an opportunity to learn the problems of government by performing the same 

duties as real office holders in the everyday world; inform them of the rights and privileges of American citizenship; and instill a deep sense of the personal responsibilities and obligations which this citizenship entails.


Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation is the oldest of the American Legion Auxiliary programs. It is a unique and rewarding program, whose purpose is to initiate, sponsor and participate in programs and services that assist and enhance the lives of veterans and their families; ensuring restoration and/or transition to normally functioning lives, including physical, mental, social and vocational needs.

Image by Pierre Bouyer


Americanism is a fundamental value of the American Legion Auxiliary. Our Preamble states “To foster and perpetuate a one hundred percent Americanism…”  The term “Americanism” covers all of the things that have made the American nation great and the American people free. It implies qualities of character as 

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